How To Play

How to Enter the Prize Competitions

1. Pick the Competition you want to enter.

2. Answer the qualifying quiz question (make sure its correct as you will be charged but not entered if incorrect) 

3. Choose how many numbers you would like in the draw.

4. Review and Complete payment.

5.  You will receive email confirmation of your purchases and an excel spreadsheet with details of your draw number will be posted via our social media platforms prior to the draw. 

How the winner is picked and when the draws go live

1. Once a sufficient number of each competitions tickets are sold, the competition draw date and time will be announced via our social media platforms.  

2.  The winning Entrant will be selected at random by using the Google Random Number Generator live on Facebook. 


Delivery to the winner and uploading winner pictures

1. The lucky winner will be contacted via the contact details provided and delivery/collection will be arranged.

2.Winning pictures will be uploaded onto the ‘Winners’ page.

For Full Details on Current Live Competitions

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