Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I collect my prize?

Prizes need to be collected from the address stated on our website which is in Northern Ireland. In the case of cash prizes, these can be delivered via bank transfer. If the winner is based in the UK mainland or cannot collect their prize, transportation can be arrange at the winners expense.

When do the competitions close?

Each competition will have an assigned draw date. If sufficient tickets are sold the draw date will be moved forward.

How do I know my entry number?

We will share a list of entrants names and numbers via our social media platforms within 24 hours of the competition closing.

How are the winning numbers chosen?

The winning number is chosen using Google’s random number generator. This is done while live streaming on our Facebook page.

How many times can I enter?

Each competition has a maximum number of entries of 20 per customer.

What happens if all the entries are not sold in time?

As needed, we reserve the right to extend the draw date but hopefully this will not be necessary.